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David (Zhihao) Xu

I am currently a second-year Honours Mathematics undergraduate at the University of Waterloo.

Exploring new landscapes and cultures through travel fuels my passion for adventure. On the basketball court, I hone my teamwork and strategic skills, while off the court, I maintain a rigorous fitness routine to support my well-being.

Through my studies and practical experiences, I am continuously exploring how financial analysis can drive better decision-making processes in the financial sector. Join me as I share my insights, projects, and the lessons I learn along the way.



University of Waterloo

Honours Mathematics


Charlottetown Rural High School

Student Council Vice President

Basketball Team Assistant Captain



Excel Dynamic Financial Forecaster

This Excel-based financial model forecasts revenues, manages expenses, calculates profit margins, and enhances decision-making with dynamic scenario analysis using the CHOOSE function.

One of the Founder for Personal Finance Project

This website is designed to help users optimize their savings strategy and achieve their savings goals more effectively based on individual income levels and regional economic conditions.

  • Income and Savings Analysis
  • Marginal Propensity to Save (MPS) Modeling
  • Regional Economic Factors
  • Dynamic Savings Recommendations